What's your intuition telling you about the coming months?

I’ve been meaning to ask you about that little voice in your head . . . what’s it telling you about how to move ahead in the coming months?

The voice I’m talking about isn’t your inner critic — that inner monster who may rip you to shreds over saying the wrong thing or not being perfect. My inner critic (my inner monster) is VERY loud. Nope. I’m talking about a little voice.

And it’s not your inner worrier or “catastrophizer” — who may be telling you to “play it safe” and not launch the project that would challenge you the most.

No, I’m talking about that other, quieter voice that all too often goes ignored. But when we manage to tune in to it, we find it inevitably points us toward what we need most.

That little voice is your intuition — your inner compass

It’s the part of you that’s looking out for your artistic, personal, and spiritual growth.

It’s not so much interested in what you might like or want in the short run. So it’s not focused on that extra desert, on binge-watching your favorite show, or buying those fancy shoes you’ve been checking out.

Instead, your intuition is interested in what’s best for you in the long run. It points you toward the scary initiatives that will challenge you the most — because that’s where you’ll grow the most.

Your intuition is that voice that helped you “know immediately” when you found the right collaborator, mentor, or coach. The voice that instinctively drew you to a remarkable project, commission, or programming choice.

So what’s your intuition telling you that you need most in the next 6 months?

In the midst of the uncertainty and isolation of this period, with concerts and festivals cancelled, many musicians are spinning their wheels, unsure about what to focus on and how to move ahead in their careers.

But if you check in with your intuition, it may be pointing you toward a scary project. One that you could take on with the right support structure. Your intuition may be telling you that having clear goals, regular check-ins, and expert feedback would make a huge difference.

There’s a special energy field that’s created when creatives work in small group settings. When we show up, do our part, and cheer each other on. It can make it easier to hear our own intuition and follow through on our intentions.

It’s why I love working with musicians in my Beyond Talent Power Group program. The next session begins in July. So the time is now to check it out and get on board—you can turn the corner on the “Corona fog” and take charge of your career traction.

Beyond Talent Power Groups

What’s a Power Group?

It’s you joining me and three fellow musicians in a dynamic forward-leaning six-month small group coaching program.

We will meet online on Zoom every other week for group coaching sessions twelve times over the course of six months. During each session, you will have 30 minutes of laser-focused coaching with me where we’ll work through the next action items on your plate and trouble shoot whatever might be a sticking point.

Whether you want to fine-tune your promo materials, cultivate your network, develop a new project, build your audience-base, or expand your teaching or arts leadership work, I will serve as your mentor.

The added advantage you’ll gain is that you’ll be doing this in the context of a small group. So you’ll get to listen, watch, and learn as your group mates also problem solve and advance their careers. The group energy and support is what compounds the learning and inspires everyone’s progress in the Power Group program.

How does it work?

  • Members get 12 small group coaching sessions over the course of 6 months.
  • Plus twice monthly additional ‘office hour’ sessions in our private FB group for copy-editing feedback on your promo materials, pitches, and grant proposals.
  • Sessions are recorded on Zoom, so we can all see each other, share screens and access recordings after the fact.
  • We’ll also use a shared Google Doc Traction Report to set goals, track your progress, and focus our sessions so you get the most out of our work together.

This means you’ll get unparalleled support from me and your fellow Beyond Talent Power Group mates. And a personalized roadmap and strategies designed to boost your career and your artistry.

Imagine what it will feel like to make a real commitment to take charge of your future.

What’s your intuition telling you now? How do your next 6 months look?

There are limited spots available. Check all the Details HERE.

Have questions? Hit reply and let’s talk and see if it’s a fit!

Let’s get your future going now. You don’t have to go it alone.

Dream Big, Plan Smart, Live Well

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