All the tools musicians need to
get out of the pile and onto the shortlist
for a College Teaching Job

Get clarity about who you really are as an artist and educator.

Learn how to directly convey your strengths and value to employers.

Create promotional materials and a teaching career you're proud of.

Is This Your Story?

You apply for teaching jobs again and again and but you’re not seeing results.

You wonder why you’re not getting interviews and what employers actually want.

It’s confusing and frustrating. And you can’t help but think, “Maybe I don’t have what it takes . . . ”

What If You Could:


Learn how to tailor your CV so that it showcases you at your best.


Discover how to structure your cover letters to create connection.


Write a teaching philosophy and a diversity statement that work.


Build a teaching bio that attracts more of your ideal students.


Know what search committees want so can edit with ease.


Have materials that give you a real shot at landing the job.

“Angela’s way of thinking blows my mind. Her experience and honest perspective helped to elevate and expertly tailor my materials, which I now feel proud to submit for jobs in higher education.”

Sabrina Learman

Soprano, Emerson College

“Working through the process, I discovered I had much more to feel good about and realized what sets me apart in my teaching and what I’ve done. Thank you, Angela!” 

David Allen

Clarinetist, faculty, Hayes School of Music, Appalachian State Univ.

“Angela’s thoughtful and direct feedback made me more sensitive to what the market is looking for, and taught me how to frame my words in a way that gave them more impact and depth. I landed my first full-time tenure-track appointment within a few months of working with her!”

Linda Pearse

trombonist, faculty, Mount Allison University, Canada

Welcome to . . . Land the Job

This program is designed to take the pain and confusion out of job applications so you can . . .


Write a CV detailing your strengths that gets you to the short list.


Create Cover letters that distinguish you from other applicants.


Build Teaching Philosophy & Diversity Statements that inspire.


Prepare a Teaching Bio that helps recruit your ideal students.

The self-paced Land the Job program includes a series of pre-recorded video lessons with worksheets, examples, and step-by-step instructions to take the guesswork out of upgrading your promo materials.

To keep you on track and making positive progress, the work is broken down into manageable steps and assignments.

Best of all, you don’t have to go it alone. 

When you purchase the Land the Job program you’ll also get exclusive access to Q&A Masterclass sessions with “hot seat” editing feedback on your revised materials.

Each month, you’ll have access to expert editing feedback so you can fine-tune your final drafts. 

These sessions will happen live on Zoom and will be recorded so if you have to miss any, you can still access the help.

The Land the Job program is based on my years directing the career and entrepreneurship centers at Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University, and New England Conservatory.

I’ve helped hundreds of musicians create dynamic application materials and successfully navigate the college job market and beyond.

I’m excited to help YOU fulfill your potential and set yourself up to land more teaching opportunities.

The Land the Job program
is right for you, if . . .

You're serious about wanting a rewarding college teaching job.

You want to upgrade your materials and your career confidence.

You’re willing to do the work needed on both materials & mindset.

You're open to new approaches to presenting your experience.


Now, of course, I cannot promise that new promotional materials will land you interviews or jobs. No one can.

But what I CAN promise is this:  If you do all the work and actively engage in the courses, you will gain what most college job seekers never find out – how employers actually view your materials and how to upgrade the effectiveness of yours.

So that employers pay attention and appreciate what I am capable of

“The program opened up my eyes to reality and what is important. Thank you, Angela, for teaching me how to be efficient, clear, and organize my experience, education, and knowledge — so that future employers pay attention and appreciate what I am capable of.”

Tania Papayannopoulou

choral conductor, doctoral candidate, Columbia University

From cluttered and unclear to superior in every capacity

“Prior to the program, my CV was cluttered and unclear. Angela’s perspective about what makes your teaching unique, coupled with considering the employer’s needs was a game changer for me!  By the end of the course, I had a CV that was, by far, superior in every capacity.”

Jim Saltzman

composer/saxophonist, faculty, Manhattan School of Music

Attaining her “dream job”

“The introspective work required in the program boosted my self-confidence. I saw myself in a different light, different enough that I applied for an unattainable ‘dream’ position — and I landed it. The position includes everything I love (helping teachers, advocating for the arts, forwarding artists, protecting student creativity) and I am grateful. Thank you, Angela. Thank you.”

Kimberly Stephenson

Director of Education, Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

How It Works

Purchase the Program

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Work At Your Own Pace

Progress through the courses according to your schedule and individual training needs.

Land Your Dream Job

Land the job you deserve and have always dreamt of.



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“When does the program start?”

Once you register, you’ll have immediate access to all the video lessons, worksheets, and step-by-step instructions so you can go at your own pace.

“How do I get feedback on my materials?”

As a member of Land the Job, you’ll have free access to our monthly Q&A Masterclass sessions for one year. These will be held live on Zoom, where you can get detailed feedback on portions of your revised materials and learn from seeing other musicians’ work.

“What if I can’t attend a Masterclass?”

Each Masterclass is recorded and you’ll have access to these, usually the next day. If you have a question about your materials and cannot attend a Masterclass, you can submit your question in advance by email and I’ll do my best to answer it in the class and you can access the recording afterwards.

“How long does it take to complete the program?”

That depends on how fast and efficient you are and what state your materials are in now. 

But Land the Job is not a quick fix. Real transformation never is.

This is focused training, with examples analyzed and detailed “how to” instructions. To get the most out of the program, you’ll need to invest real time in watching the videos and doing the assignments (an hour a day to make steady progress). The value of this is you’ll truly own your strengths and you’ll have materials you can finally be proud to send out. That said, I’ve had clients complete the program in as little as two months. Your mileage may vary.

“How is the program organized?”

Land the Job is segmented into 4 modules. We’ll focus on:: 

  • Your CV
  • Your Cover Letter
  • Your Teaching Philosophy and Diversity Statements
  • Your Teaching Bio

Each module is made up of a series of video lessons (each lesson is about 20 minutes long). The program is designed to help you work through your revisions step by step with manageable assignments to eliminate overwhelm and keep you motivated and moving forward.

“How long do I have access to the program?”

You get full, lifetime access to all 32 training videos and worksheets. Plus, you’ll have 6 months of Q+A calls with Angela.

“Will I get templates?”

Hell no. You need custom-tailored application materials, not generic, templated documents that make you appear interchangeable with the 200 applicants for the same job. You deserve better: that’s why I created this program.

“I created my application materials based on what my advisor told me to do. What if the advice I get from you contradicts what I’ve been taught?”

It likely WILL be different from what you’ve been taught. So I’d say this: if what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, it’s time to try something new.

The good news is everything in the program has been tested and used by scores of musicians. It’s all based on the experience I gained running the career and entrepreneurship centers at Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University, and New England Conservatory. I’ve helped hundreds of musicians create dynamic application materials and find success in and beyond academia. And I’m excited to help you, too.

“How do I know if Land the Job is the right fit for me?”

If you have been applying for college teaching jobs—jobs you are in fact qualified for—and haven’t been getting interviews, this may be just the thing.

If you read the 33 Mistakes Musicians Make and found you were making 10 or more of the mistakes, then Land the Job could be perfect for you.

And if you want expert help and perspective so you stand a fighting chance of getting the interview and landing the job, I’d say, register now.

“Is it worth the investment?”

Maybe the best way for me to answer this is to ask you . . . 

What is it worth to find out what search committees are really looking for?

What would you pay to learn how to uncover and communicate who you really are as a musician and educator? 

What is it worth to know you are putting your best foot forward in the job market?