It’s MORE than Your Music Career
— it’s about artistic fulfillment.

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It’s MORE than Your Music Career
— it’s about artistic fulfillment.

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Learn how to get more of your best work out into the world.
Become the artist you were meant to be.

Let me guess . . .

You’re a talented, hardworking musician with big dreams. You’ve been doing all the ‘right things’ — except getting ahead.

With so much advice out there, it’s difficult to know where to aim your time and effort when it comes to managing your own career.

It may feel confusing, frustrating, even overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to.

That’s why I’m dedicated to helping musicians like you take charge of your career — so you can book more of the work that feeds your soul.

With decades of experience running career and entrepreneurship centers at New England Conservatory, Indiana University, and Manhattan School of Music . . .

I love helping musicians discover how to navigate their path to artistry.

“Angela helped me redefine who I am as an artist and channel that into an improved website, bio, and new headshots that really reflect who I am. Her guidance on the art of networking has been immensely beneficial and helped me get past my own personal barriers to become a better entrepreneur.”
Kim Leeds


“We wanted more polished press materials, new concert proposal ideas and to move beyond cookie cutter bios. Angela helped us choose photos and words that allowed audiences to get to know us. She gave us new ideas on presenting concerts and directions on best pitch and negotiation practices. Now we have new concerts and press materials that really reflect who we are as artists and human beings.”
The McCain Duo: Artina and Martin McCain

“Working with Angela was transformational. She not only helped me remove self-negativity, but gain focus and direction. Her support, patience, and courage helped me to start a process that now has its own momentum.”
Pierre Vallet

conductor & vocal coach

Right now, you are standing in the perfect spot to take your career plan from unfocused to crystal clear.

In our work together, we’ll clarify what it would take for you to feel creatively fulfilled.

And then we’ll go after it.

You’ll have the expert feedback and accountability needed to get into full forward motion.

Whether we work together privately or in one of my small group coaching programs you can . . .
Clarify your goals and the larger purpose behind your work
Develop the time management skills to prioritize and do what matters most
Learn practical Tools to overcome the fear, self-doubt, and procrastination that’s held you back
Discover how to upgrade your promo materials to book work that you love
Explore exercises to expand your imagination so you can finally claim your true voice as an artist
Feel supported throughout the entire process
If you’re ready to make real change in your life and career, let’s talk. We can discuss your goals and how coaching can help you achieve them.