The original impulse to write this book sprang from my own frustration. At the time, I was running the Career Center at New England Conservatory and couldn’t find a book that spoke directly to the specific range of career questions I regularly heard from talented emerging and mid-career artists.

In today’s do-it-yourself marketplace there’s a dizzying array of online resources and information for promoting your music career. It’s confusing and overwhelming for most musicians to figure out “next steps.” So I wrote the book I needed that would cut through the clutter and provide user-friendly real-life advice along with inspiring examples from a wide range of artists—it’s the step-by-step practical tools to advance any career in music.

To my happy surprise, Beyond Talent became a favorite among classical and jazz musicians and it’s been used widely as text at scores of conservatories and universities. A few years later I wrote an expanded second edition and the third edition is in the works now.

For the musician wanting to create and sustain a meaningful life in music, I wrote this book for you.

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“Check out this amazing book. It should be the designated ‘Bible’ for every musician.”

Wendy Law

cellist / founder, Classical Jam

“If it were not for your book, I would not have a life in chamber music, a freelance career and a studio of 70 students. Thank you for everything.”

Scott Tegge

Tubist, Gaudete Brass

“Your book was my savior. I followed every step, every page, every recommendation very closely, and learned to use it as a guide to my every day life. In one year, from having nothing, I ended up performing more than 150 concerts a year, started 2 brand new concert series, endorsed with Roland and Yamaha corporations and am performing with top musicians non-stop. I went from making no money to supporting myself quite well by just being a musician, and not even teaching or accompanying.

I want to let you know that you have changed my life with your book and I will be forever grateful. I have been recommending it to all of my friends and they too have experienced the same transformations. Thank you a million for sharing your amazing knowledge with all of us.”

Yana Reznik


“Starting with her love of music and years of experience in both academia and the real world, Angela Myles Beeching has written a book full of inspiring yet practical lessons for performing musicians – a kind of workbook for a life in music.”

Charlotte Schroeder

President, Colbert Artists Management

Beyond Talent is like the ultimate Swiss army knife for the young musician. Packed with savvy insights, sage advice, practical ideas and inspiring examples, this comprehensive guide delivers the tools to navigate a successful path in music no matter where it might lead.”

Phillip Ying

Violist, Ying Quartet