Everything you need to book next-level performances while staying true to yourself.

Create dynamic promo materials that convey who you really are as an artist.

Learn how to write effective pitches that get presenters to take action.

Plan a website that delivers the results your talent deserves.

Do you avoid sending out pitches because
you’re sick of being rejected?


Maybe it’s your materials . . .

Your Bio makes you feel “less than.”

You hate your promo photos: they don’t reflect the real "you."

Your videos aren’t up to snuff and you’re not sure how to fix them.

Your whole website leaves you feeling uninspired.

Your email pitches haven’t delivered and you don’t know why.

What If You Could:


Have a compelling, effective Bio that reveals the real you.


Choose the right photographer, do the prep, and love the results.


Create a promo video that showcases you at your best.


Develop the content plan for a dynamic website that works.


Learn how to upgrade your email pitches so you can . . .

 start filling your calendar with the next-level performances you deserve.

“Angela helped me redefine who I am as an artist and channel that into an improved website, bio, and new headshots that really reflect who I am. Her guidance on the art of networking has been immensely beneficial and helped me get past my own personal barriers to become a better entrepreneur.”
Kim Leeds


“We wanted more polished press materials, new concert proposal ideas and to move beyond cookie cutter bios! Angela carefully dissected our press materials and helped us choose photos and words that allowed audiences to get to know us. She gave us new ideas on presenting concerts and directions on best pitch and negotiation practices. Now we have new concerts (even in a pandemic) and press materials that really reflect who we are as artists and human beings.”
The McCain Duo: Artina and Martin McCain

“Angela totally transformed the way I speak, write, and even think about my work. Her keen insights and analyses cut right to the core of issues – from pitches to press kits and beyond. The skills and confidence I gained from her are priceless.”
Nicole Brancato

Pianist | Composer | Curator

Welcome to . . . Get the Gig

Power Up Your Promo Materials

To Book the Gigs You Deserve

Inside this program, you’ll discover how to take the pain and confusion out of self-promotion and . . .


Write an effective Bio that inspires engagement and bookings.


Create a great 1st impression with photos that spark connection.


Showcase your artistry in action with a dynamic promo video.


Create the content and plan for a website you’ll truly be proud of.


Write knockout pitches so you can book the gigs you deserve.

The self-paced Get the Gig program includes a series of pre-recorded video lessons with worksheets, examples, and step-by-step instructions to take the guesswork out of upgrading your promo materials. To keep you on track and making positive progress, the work is broken down into manageable steps and assignments.

Best of all, you don’t have to go it alone. 

When you purchase Get the Gig you’ll also get exclusive access to Q&A Masterclass sessions with “hot seat” editing feedback on your revised materials.

Each month, you’ll have access to expert editing feedback so you can fine-tune your materials. 

These sessions will happen live on Zoom and will be recorded so if you have to miss any, you can still access the help.

The Get the Gig program is based on my years directing the career and entrepreneurship centers at Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University, and New England Conservatory.

I’ve helped hundreds of musicians create dynamic promotional materials so they can book more of the performances they desire.

And I’m excited to help YOU fulfill your potential and set yourself up for success.

The Get the Gig program
is right for you, if . . .

You’re serious about wanting more and better gigs.

You want to upgrade your materials and your career confidence.

You're open to new approaches to presenting your experience.

You’re willing to do the work needed on both materials & mindset.


Now, of course, I cannot promise that new promotional materials will land you the bookings you desire. No one can.

But what I CAN promise is this: If you do all the work and actively engage in the master classes, you will gain what most musicians never find out – how presenters actually view your materials and how to upgrade the effectiveness of yours.

“Angela has helped me enormously in conceptualizing new projects: with how to plan, brainstorm, and take action to make them a reality. Her approach is holistic: she combines a deep knowledge of promotion, business, and marketing with an artistic and emotional side. She hears you as an artist and understands how you think and feel—and is committed to your artistic goals.”

André Carvalho


“Angela Beeching is a true treasure to musicians who find themselves needing to promote and market themselves . . . and, isn’t that all of us? Angela is incredibly knowledgeable and talented in what she does… but more than that, it is her kind, generous, and animated spirit that truly inspires and motivates you to produce results. I highly recommend her to all musicians striving to achieve their dreams!”
Tereasa Payne

NYC-based flutist and multi-instrumentalist

“Working with Angela was transformational. She not only helped me remove self-negativity, but gain focus and direction. Her support, patience, and courage helped me to start a process that now has its own momentum.”
Pierre Vallet

conductor & vocal coach

How It Works

Purchase the Program

Get started in less than 5 minutes with our simple registration process!

Work At Your Own Pace

Progress through the modules according to your schedule and individual training needs.

Book More Gigs

Send out pitches that work and link back to a website that you’re proud of.



Get the complete Get the Gig program NOW for $697.




“When does the program start?”

Once you register, you’ll have immediate access to all the video lessons, worksheets, and step-by-step instructions so you can go at your own pace.

“How do I get feedback on my materials?”
As a member of Get the Gig, you’ll have free access to our monthly Q&A Masterclass sessions for one year. These will be held live on Zoom, where you can get detailed feedback on portions of your materials and learn from seeing other musicians’ work.
“What if I can’t attend a Masterclass?”
Each Masterclass is recorded and you’ll have access to these, usually the next day. If you have a question about your materials and cannot attend a Masterclass, you can submit your question in advance by email and I’ll do my best to answer it in the class and you can access the recording afterwards.
“How long does it take to complete the program?”
That depends on how fast and efficient you are and what state your materials are in now. 

But Get the Gig is not a quick fix. Real transformation never is.

This is focused training, with examples analyzed and detailed “how to” instructions. To get the most out of the program, you’ll need to invest real time in watching the videos and doing the assignments (an hour a day to make steady progress). The value of this is you’ll truly own your strengths and you’ll have materials you can finally be proud to send out. That said, I’ve had clients complete the program in as little as two months. Your mileage may vary.

“How is the program organized?”
Get the Gig is segmented into 5 modules. You’ll get trainings to help with your: 

  • Performance Bio
  • Publicity Photos
  • Promo Video
  • Website
  • Pitch emails

Each module is made up of a series of video lessons (each lesson is about 20 minutes long). The program is designed to help you work through your drafts step by step with manageable assignments to eliminate overwhelm and keep you motivated and moving forward.

“How long do I have access to the program?”
You get full, lifetime access to all the training videos and worksheets.​ Plus, you’ll have 12 months of Q+A calls with Angela.
“Will I get templates?”
Hell no. You need custom-tailored promo materials, not generic approaches. You deserve better: that’s why I created this program.
“I created my materials based on what my teacher uses. What if the advice I get from you contradicts what I’ve seen established artists use?”
It likely WILL be different from what you see others use. But why would you want to use “knock off” promo materials? And if the approach you’ve been using isn’t working for you, I’d say it’s time to try something new.

The good news is everything in the program has been tested and used by scores of musicians. It’s all based on the experience I gained running the career and entrepreneurship centers at Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University, and New England Conservatory. I’ve helped hundreds of musicians create dynamic promo materials and successfully book more work. And I’m excited to help you, too.

“How do I know if Get the Gig is the right fit for me?”
If you have been sending email pitches and getting nowhere, this may be just the thing.

And if you want expert help and perspective so you stand a fighting chance of booking more gigs, I’d say, register now.

“Is it worth the investment?”
Maybe the best way for me to answer this is to ask . . . 

What’s the value, to you, of knowing for sure that you’re putting your honest best self out into the world—and feeling proud of it?