How to improve your fundraising pitches

It's a question I hear pretty often: How can I raise more money? The answer in part is to learn how to improve your fundraising messages. Start by paying attention to the fundraising pitches that you receive. Notice what works, what's effective. Notice when the pitch...

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How to Engineer Your Better 2019 in 12 Steps

To celebrate the end of the old year and welcome in the new, I'm "re-purposing" a favorite tool I blogged about a few years back. It's adapted from Dallas Travers' terrific "Year in Review" exercise. Here is How to Engineer Your Better 2019 arranged in twelve simple...

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Gift for you! (open now)

Maybe you're not the type who opens presents on Christmas Eve. If so, stop reading and save this for tomorrow morning. Or maybe Christmas isn't your thing? If that's the case, this is STILL for you—so read on. When I thought about the perfect gift—the one thing I most...

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