Solutions for the Day Job Dilemma

Rachel wrote in a few weeks ago requesting a post on this topic (thanks, Rachel!). Here are solutions for the day job dilemma. It's an issue many people struggle with. To help, below are excerpts from the forthcoming 3rd edition of my book Beyond Talent: Creating a...

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Musicians — why survey your customers?

We're asking this: Musicians — why survey your customers? Your audience? Let's find out. Think about whether you really know what the people you're seeking to serve want. Have you taken the time and trouble to ask? Because If you want to genuinely connect with...

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How to get unstuck — the tools you need

Here's a special treat: my colleague and friend Matthew Carey is a pianist, music director, and coach from down under. His terrific podcast Studio Time is about "the big and small ways artists can change the world." Matthew recently interviewed me. It was a fun,...

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As a musician, what’s your internal career deadline?

Memorial Day is both the day we honor those who gave their lives serving our country and the day we celebrate the unofficial start of summer—as though we have endless tomorrows. We don't. Memorial Day always reminds me that life is short, so my question to you is,...

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