How to Find or Start Your Own Creative Community

Here's what I've been mulling over lately: the various "tribes" or communities we belong to and in what ways they influence and sustain our creative lives. Outside of the ensembles or bands we perform with, we each belong to various official and un-official groups,...

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Stand in Your Field of Power

I'm reading Sandra Joseph's terrific book "Unmasking What Matters Most" and I have for you a favorite excerpt titled, Stand in Your Field of Power. If your "woo-woo" alert is waving a red flag here, calm down. Because Sandra holds the record as the longest-running...

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Story — a musician, her ego, and her performance résumé

Let me tell you a story: it’s about a musician, her ego, and her performance résumé. It happened years ago, back when I ran the career center at New England Conservatory. An alum came to see me. To protect the innocent, we'll call her Kay. A talented and accomplished...

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How to Build a Better Bio — Musicians, Can We Get Real?

As a follow up to last week's post Wait, Why Do I Make Music?, here's more help on Building a Better Bio. Can we get real here? The thing I miss most in musicians' bios is a sense of the real person behind the fog of words. When I read a bio, what I want to know is...

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