Having a system to . . .

Get Connected

Build a supportive community: Grow your audience and your sense of belonging.

Face Your Fears

Learn proven practical Tools to get past the inner obstacles that have held you back.

Tell Your Story

Create dynamic PR materials that convey the real you so you can book work that you love.

Clear Your Path

Develop the time management skills to get more of your best work out into the world.

Focus Your Goals

Clarify your real purpose: Set goals that energize you to take the actions needed for success.

Get It Done

Achieve more with an expert guide on your side: Get the support you need now.

. . .takes the guesswork out of advancing your career.

I work with clients in two ways:

Privately in one-on-one coaching sessions 2 times per month.

In my signature small group coaching program Musicians on Track.

If you’re serious about getting coaching and are interested in working with me, fill out this quick form and schedule a time to meet, so we can discuss your goals and see what will work best for you. 

I look forward to helping you move ahead on the path to career success and artistic fulfillment.

Beyond coaching, I also have two video courses available so you can Get the Gig and Land the Job.

These offer detailed step-by-step instruction, real-world examples, and monthly live editing groups.

I’m Angela Beeching.

I teach professional musicians how to get more of their best work out into the world—by using promotional materials that truly convey their distinct artistic vision.

If you’re ready to book better jobs, I can help you construct a plan to expand your network, increase your income, and finally become the artist you are meant to be.

“As a result of working with Angela, I was able to walk away from doing part-time IT work and have been doing music full time since the beginning of 2023.”
Rodney Gipson

guitarist, pianist, composer/producer

“I was just offered a tenure-track job as a professor of oboe at BYU-Idaho. Thank you so much for all of your help in getting my CV and documents into shape. You were truly amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you!”
Elizabeth Nelson


“Many thanks — I’ve come to understand that your work helping musicians better communicate and present themselves is also the work of getting to know who we really are and what we really want — essentially work towards self-knowledge, self-acceptance and authentic self-expression — this, for me, has been invaluable.”
John Kamfonas