musicians in transition

The clients I work with all have one thing in common: they are musicians in transition. They come to me because they are in that confusing, uncomfortable space between who they’ve been and who they’re yearning to become. It can feel like being squeezed between a rock and a hard place.

There’s the who you’ve been—the old habits, the outgrown dreams, the chafing of your current career. Along with this, there’s impatience and resentment and . . .


The feeling that you were meant for a more meaningful life.

Musicians often come to me hoping that I can help them fast forward through this transition period. They don’t yet have a clear vision of where they’re headed, or how to get there, but they want to get to their unnamed destination now—to already be in the new and improved versions of their lives.

I get it. I’ve had these fantasies as well.


But of course, there’s no magic potion, no fast forward.

In the hero’s journey of your career, a mentor can serve as guide, asking the tough questions, and giving you honest feedback along the way. Mentors can help you shape the story you will grow into and can hold space for the process. This is the work I do.

And help is wonderful, but make no mistake, the musician hero must do the work, must battle her own demons and survive the dark night of the soul in order to claim her own voice.


It’s how life works, it’s a series of initiations.

Hero’s journeys call us to our most important life challenges. The journey is the scary process of letting go of your old story, in order to make room for your new self to be born.

This is what myths teach us, and what we see play out in nature: death and rebirth is a cycle. That’s why being in transition is uncomfortable, because we aren’t yet the person we are becoming.

And here’s the thing. Our own individual transitions are now part of a much larger worldwide transformation. Between climate change, racial reckoning, the pandemic, and the war on Ukraine—our “old world” is falling apart and this is in fact necessary to make way for what is to come.

As we all grapple to make sense of our world in this transitional space, here’s the missing link:


The essential message of our time is this . . .

That your individual hero’s journey — your transition to becoming your better self — is directly tied to the larger world’s transformation.

Each of us has an important role in this epic change: You are part of what is necessary for the world to be re-born.

Your transition to becoming your better self is what’s needed most now.

Welcome to the quest.


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Looking forward,

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