MONDAY BYTES – August 26, 2013


Courage for musicians

In speaking with young musicians about career decision making, there’s often a sense that they believe there’s a “right” and a “wrong” decision. Whether it’s which school to attend, teacher to work with, audition rep to play, or attitude to take on stage, they’re often scared about making the “wrong” decision.

This sense that there are correct “answers” is unfortunate, since most of the time with life decisions, there’s NO right or wrong, there are simply options and consequences.

The important thing is that the consequences are—like all of life—essentially what we make of them. We get to determine how we react and respond to any setback.

And those who are more resilient and resourceful in responding to setbacks are the ultimate “winners,” at least according to Darwin.

Without a guarantee, we need to move forward with a leap of faith, trusting ourselves to handle the consequences, come what may. And we can act with the confidence that comes from our trust in ourselves.

Questions for the week: What has helped you with courage and confidence? It’s always great to get your thoughts—I’d love to know what you’ve found helpful!

Reflect on the Cowardly Lion’s wisdom on courage (watch the clip HERE).

PS: The “ape” in ape-ricot line is my favorite in all of poetry.

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