Feeling cynical about getting a college teaching job?

It’s easy to be cynical about the college job market for musicians.

Applying often feels like a waste of time because every job has an inside candidate and that it’s all about “who you know.”

So it’s easy to do a half-assed job when you apply. You send in application materials that you haven’t really taken the time to hone. You don’t bother really trying because the system is rigged against us anyway. And the negative results you get in the job market only prove that you were right.

If that’s the self-fulfilling prophecy you are operating with, you’re of course welcome to it.

But there’s a better way.

I’m on a mission to help talented musicians, like you, upgrade their messaging and their mindset so they can book more work, win more jobs, and make more impact. I’ve helped hundreds of musicians land rewarding positions both within academia and beyond. And I look forward to connecting with you in this special webinar offering.

The 3 Biggest Obstacles Between You and Your Next College Teaching Job

*And how to circumvent them.

We’re talking practical solutions!

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