Am I Marketable as a musician?

As a musician looking to book more concerts, you may wonder how effective your promo materials are. In the back of your mind may be the question, “AM I MARKETABLE?”

If you’re not getting the bookings that you’d like, check that your website is doing its job. To help you book better gigs, here are 7 tips to upgrade your website and your marketability.

For your website, it’s best to have . . .

1. Excellent photos

Current and professional quality photos that give viewers an authentic sense of your spirit and what your performances are actually like. Having these available as Hi res downloads in both horizontal and vertical orientations is helpful for promoting performances. Make sure the files are labeled appropriately and include the photo credits.


2. Curated Recordings

Have a tailored set of short video clips and audio samples. Videos will always be accessed first because viewers like to listen with their eyes. It’s great to have several excerpts of performances or recording studio samples of your work showing an interesting range of repertoire, styles, moods, and tempos. This is to give anyone who might consider booking you a real sense of what a full program would be like. And consider also having an introductory video with interview excerpts so that viewers get a sense of your personality and what you are like interacting with audiences.


3. Testimonials

Concert reviews are great if you have them. These can be presented as pull out quotes with links to the full reviews. You can also use quotes from recommendations you’ve gotten from influential mentors or conductors. But especially helpful are testimonials from other presenters who have booked you in the past. Make absolutely sure that you have gotten permission before you use anyone’s quote.


4. Downloadable bios in different lengths

Your website should have a short well written bio that communicates what’s distinctive about you. Not a laundry list of credits! Downloadable longer versions are excellent to include as well.


5. Sample programs

Let readers know what you have on offer for the current and next seasons. Think in terms of creative programs that will capture the imaginations of audiences and encourage media interest. Are you premiering a new work?  Offering a rarely heard but exquisite jewel of the repertoire? Is it a program of works with a remarkable connecting link. If so, explain this in your sample program page.


6. Community engagement programming

Presenters are often looking for artists who will not only do the main stage concert but offer education and community engagement events as well. Presenters may have partnerships with schools, assisted living centers, and hospitals. If you offer such programs, they should be interactive, engaging, and tailored appropriately to your audiences. Write dynamic short descriptions and present these as a menu of options.


7. And Be User-friendly

Assume that most people will be accessing your site on their smart phones, so check that your site is readable and easy to navigate no matter what device or browser is used.


Bonus Tip

The best way to gain objective feedback on how you come across to presenters is to ask!

Ask a presenter who has booked you in the past (someone you know fairly well) if she or he could spend 20 minutes with you to give you feedback and advice. Invite them out for coffee or lunch if you are in the same town. Ask about how you might present yourself better. Show them your site and one of your email pitches. And at the end, ask if there are any other concert series they’d recommend you approach.

Concert presenters have amazing perspective. They’ve seen it all and their feedback and advice is well worth cultivating!

For more detailed help, see my book Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music.

And if you’d like expert coaching and a custom-tailored plan to improve your presentation and booking prospects, let’s talk!

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