I could write until I’m blue in the face about all the ways in which my signature Beyond Talent Power Group program could help you move your music career forward. Except you might still be thinking, “Yeah, but what’s it REALLY like?”

Beyond Talent Power Group

So I thought you should hear it straight from the experts: musicians who’ve done the program.


Violist Carol Gimbel violistCarol Gimbel turned her weekly goals Into a reality

“Working with Angela gave me critical support and guidance at a pivotal moment in my career. Defining my weekly goals with Angela, one by one, seamlessly, they became a reality! Angela taught me how to navigate the tricky ins and outs of self-management and to create new habits to manifest my dreams. Thank you, Angela, for your consistent, positive outlook and expertise!”



André CarvalhoBassist/composer André Carvalho has brought new projects to life

“Angela has helped me enormously in conceptualizing new projects: with how to plan, brainstorm, and take action. Her approach is holistic: she combines a deep knowledge of promotion, business, and marketing with an artistic and emotional side. She hears you as an artist and understands how you think and feel—and is committed to your artistic goals.”


Laura Amoriello pianistPianist Laura Amoriello learned how to overcome self-doubt and achieve her goals

“I came to Angela hoping to improve my promotional materials and land more national presentations in piano pedagogy. Not only did I achieve those goals, I learned concrete strategies to overcome self-doubt and increase my motivation. As a result, I found the confidence to start my online business teaching group piano. Angela is razor-sharp; she will perceive whatever is holding you back and walk you right through it. If you have a vision, Angela will get you there!”



Amy Likar fluteFlutist Amy Likar is changing her mindset habits and this is transforming her work

“I’m so glad I signed up for Angela’s Power Group program. I’ve found it hugely inspiring and it is very much focusing me while so much around me is changing. The coaching is making me more thoughtful and reflective and I really feel like I’m becoming a better teacher and player because of it. I am so very grateful. And we are only one month in! Thank you.”



Composer Esin Gunduz learned tools she’ll keep for life

“I recommend working with Angela to anyone who wants to improve the skills that are required in order to exist in this world as a musician. The tools that she’s taught me will stick with me for the rest of my life.”



As a coach, what I love most about the Beyond Talent Power Group program is seeing the magic of the group energy work its wonders.

At a time when too many people have felt isolated, this program is helping musicians navigate their paths to success in a supportive environment.

And when you have talented, motivated musicians coming together to move their careers forward, everything is possible.

How about you? Imagine having an expert music career coach and the support of a small group program to help you achieve more.

If you’re motivated and ready to get to work but could use a custom roadmap . . .

Here’s YOUR chance: Your Personal Power Group invitation

I’ve only got a few remaining spots open for the next round of Beyond Talent Power Groups starting in July. One of them could be yours, so the time to act is now—don’t let this chance slip away.

Check all the program details HERE.

Have questions? Let’s schedule a time to talk and see if it’s a good fit!

Let’s get your future going now. You don’t have to go it alone —

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