Where are you in your career—right now?

I’ve got a musician story for you: maybe you can relate. It’s about a guy we’ll call Will—a terrific musician—talented, personable, positive, and accomplished. But when it came to talking about his career goals, Will’s energy would noticeably sag. Sure, he was active: teaching and freelancing, taking auditions — he was busy. But something was missing. Will wanted more out of life and out of his music career.

Will had ideas about projects and had made some preliminary efforts but nothing was really moving forward. His career progress was stalled. He wasn’t clear what to do about it and was losing all kinds of motivation.

If you’re anything like Will, then when you’re slogging through the week, taking care of the endless items on your “to do” list, you can lose track of your larger goals. And somehow, the career-advancing projects that you most need to get to are the ones that get lost. Immediate demands can obscure any sense of where you are now, how far you’ve come, and what’s up ahead.

So it’s time to consider, where are you in your music career—right now?

To help, I created a Musician Hero’s Journey assessment. It’s a quick quiz: 7 statements that you read and indicate whether you agree or disagree. You simply click on how well each statement reflects where you are now in your hero’s journey.

The assessment then calculates your “score” and give you details and context about each of the 7 stages of the Musician Hero’s Journey. The idea is to give you a more complete sense of where you are now in your process.

Since music careers are project-driven, you’ll see that the Musician Hero’s Journey assessment is project-focused.

I’m hoping you’ll test drive the assessment and give me some candid feedback. I’d really appreciate it!

Specifically, I’d get your response to these 3 questions.

  1. In your score, which stage ranked highest?
  2. With the results you received, what was the biggest surprise?
  3. Based on the results you received, what action steps will you take next to move your career forward?

And of course, if you find any of the assessment questions or results especially helpful or confusing please let me know—so I can make course corrections as needed. THANKS!

Take the Musician Hero’s Journey now . . .


Looking forward to your feedback on this.

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Here’s to your forward motion,

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