Let’s talk about how you connect with people. Let’s look at a musician’s e-newsletter — one aimed at fans. Check out the approach that a talented multi-instrumentalist-composer-educator uses in his latest newsletter. This is Rob Flax and the Art of the E-newsletter — connecting with your fans.

Rob’s e-news started with this:

musician Rob Flax's Flax Feed logo for his newsletter

“We did it! Performing last month at a secret show in DC (tucked in a speakeasy behind an Italian deli), I got the 1000th person on this email list. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to all of you for your support . . . Maybe not everyone reading is what Kevin Kelly calls a “true fan,” but hundreds of you are. I love that you’re dedicated to the vision I have for the future — for my own music, for arts education in this country and around the world, and more. You inspire me to keep going. Thank you.

To express my gratitude, in this newsletter you’ll find a music video premiere that’s not available anywhere else: my song ‘Up Up and Away,’ shot by Fischbowl Productions, in collaboration with barrenOaks . . .”

What do you notice in this?

First, there’s the tone: it’s fun, enthusiastic, and thankful. Then there’s the little details Rob includes that help bring what he describes to life so we can picture Rob on tour. I would have loved to be at his “secret show in DC (tucked in a speakeasy behind an Italian deli).”

(I’ve been following Rob’s career with interest over the past few years. Full disclosure: Rob went to New England Conservatory where I worked for many years so it’s been terrific to see his career unfold.)

But what I’m most impressed with here is Rob’s openness and his gratitude — the approach he has with fans, colleagues, and presenters.

Like the example from Rodney Marsalis, Rob has a vision for something beyond his own career bookings. And he’s not too shy to share it. He’s connecting to something bigger and he says directly that his fans “inspire him to keep going.” His newsletter is a love note to his fans thanking them with a sneak peek at his video (well worth the look and listen).

So how are YOU acknowledging and thanking your fans?

Analyze your own newsletters, invitations, fundraising pitches, and concert program notes. Check the tone you’re using to connect with fans and supporters. Look to the details you include to see if they help bring your descriptions to life. And finally see if you communicate a sense of mission, of gratitude, and of inclusion.

It can help to have an objective outside reader give you feedback; a trusted mentor, a coach, or maybe a friend of the family who is a copywriter. Get suggestions on how to improve your communications and keep going!

Thanks for the inspiration, Rob!

And thank YOU, dear reader. I appreciate your support and I’m energized by your comments, interest, and feedback. I love being part of this community of creative artists committed to getting more of their best work out in the world.

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