Do it for your Artistry

Why overhaul your promo materials now? The answer is surprising and counter-intuitive. What if I told you that the best reason for overhauling your promo materials now is actually for your artistry? I know it sounds crazy. But my experience with this has defied all expectations.

Let me tell you a story . . .

An accomplished musician, Pam came to me feeling burnt out and disconnected. Without live performance and with too much Zoom teaching, Pam felt that she was at a creative standstill.

Sound familiar? Pam needed a change

She wasn’t sure what would help her out of this rut but knew she needed to take action. Pam wanted to be in forward motion with her career—pandemic or no.

So she reached out to me for practical help with her promo materials and website. Pam admitted she’d long been avoiding sending out pitches because she was embarrassed by her materials.

We started with her bio. The approach I use is a deep dive to help clients articulate who they really are, why they make music, and what it is they have to offer.

So it’s not simply fancy words and phrases intended to impress readers. Instead, it’s about being honest and direct about yourself and your music. Writing an effective and compelling Bio is neither easy nor quick. Things worth doing well never are.

Warning: soul searching required

Pam struggled to clarify her motivation and what she wants her audiences to experience. Some of the questions I asked surprised her — she’d never thought about her music this way. It took some real soul searching on Pam’s part and multiple drafts.

But in the process, Pam found herself reconnecting to what it was that made her fall in love with music in the first place. She dialed back to what matters most to her — and recommitted to her art.

Together we honed Pam’s promo materials so that in the end, they conveyed her true self. This gave Pam a new found confidence in sending out pitches. But it also had positive ripple effects in her networking, teaching, and in her music-making itself.

By reconnecting to her motivation and her values, Pam rekindled the positive energy she’d lost in the slog of the pandemic. The positive energy needed for forward motion in her own artistic growth.

How doing it for your Artistry works

Pam never imagined that working on her promo materials could help her artistically.

But that’s exactly what happened.

The work we did together helped Pam find her motivation and fueled her curiosity and energy to push herself further creatively. Pam organized a series of online performances and a began collaborating with another artist. This meant new repertoire and that led to Pam practicing with new inspiration.

All this boosted Pam’s resolve to finally confront her email pitches. We revised them so that they now reflected her abundant mindset. The response to these new email pitches improved—and her bookings increased as a result.

If COVID has taught me nothing else, it’s that . . .

Musicians need to be creatively engaged now more than ever

Uncovering who you really are and communicating that in your promo materials is not just important for the “business side” of your career. It can also transform your music-making and lead to more artistic growth and a clarity of your artistic voice.

So it you need extra motivation these days to tackle any thorny career issues, the answer is to do it for your Artistry.

Stay tuned: over the next few days I will send more info on how you can tap into this magic yourself.

And if you’re ready to learn how coaching can help you reach your goals, let’s talk.

Looking forward,

Dream Big, Plan Smart, Live Well

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