It’s high time you got a “peek behind the curtain” of my Beyond Talent Power Group program. If you ever wanted to know what REALLY goes on in my signature small group coaching program, this is your chance: I’m spilling the beans. If you’re not sure if the Power Group program is a fit, this should help.

Here’s just one of the hot topics that my Power Group members have been working on lately. In both our coaching sessions and in our private FB Office hours editing sessions, a set of musicians have focused on . . .

Connecting with concert presenters to explore online performance opportunities

Like everybody else, Power Group members have been feeling the loss of all the cancelled performances. And the worry and fear about when they’ll ever be back performing in concert halls.

But instead of simply riding out the storm, Power Group members are taking charge of their careers.

I help them do that in three ways I’ll detail below:

#1 Communicate with presenters like a human

Most musicians communicate with Presenters in solely transactional style and all too often, they’re sending anonymous blasts. No wonder most pitches go unanswered!

Power Groupers have been actively honing their networks, cultivating relationships, and staying on the radar of their targeted group of concert series presenters. To do this, we’ve worked at fine-tuning their social media and email communication to these presenters—so that they consistently project a positive and personal message.

Note: this does NOT mean sending generic blasts to an anonymous list of presenters. THAT’S BOOKING MISTAKE #47.

Instead, here’s what I help musicians learn how to do . . .

Write Individually Tailored Personalized Communications

This is about one-on-one customized and real communication. It takes time, care, and often a little research to personalize these emails. It’s that extra mile that makes a world of difference. And that extra mile is what most musicians don’t do and don’t know how to do.

So yes, there are specific skills and approaches I teach and showcase in the program to help Power Group members get better results.

But in addition to the “techniques” we work on, there’s a crucial mindset shift that’s needed.

The experience in competitive music schools leaves most musicians seeing their profession in terms of a zero sum game (that there are only finite opportunities for success and another musician’s win is a loss for me). Too often, musicians are operating from this scarcity mindset and longterm it’s only a setup for frustration, isolation, and heartache.

So in the Power Group program I help members instead learn how to communicate from a space of abundance and generosity. I help musicians learn how to see themselves and others from a new perspective. From a place of possibility, because that’s where new collaborations and opportunities actually exist—as well as a better life experience.

It’s about being more human in how we treat collaborators, colleagues, and professional contacts—as well as ourselves.

Daphne Gerling“Working with Angela didn’t just help me update my materials — it did and they have worked really well for me! But the most important thing has been changing how I saw myself professionally. That I was ‘worthy’ of creating a professional self-image that was stronger than I had imagined it could be. It’s been incredibly worthwhile.”
— Daphne Gerling, violist, faculty, University of North Texas


But that’s not all that’s needed when it comes to making real connections with presenters. The second big-ticket item we work on is to . . .

#2 Offer engaging programming

All too often musicians have a program they’d love to play but they haven’t got a compelling description or “hook” to pique the interest of the presenter—let alone an audience or the media.

So the title and description of your offering—especially of any online programming—really matters to Presenters.

It especially matters now because Presenters are looking to stay relevant in their communities. And communities, in turn, are hurting and in need of ways to help people gather, grieve, and find hope with each other.

With so much competing content online these days, unless you’ve got something truly engaging, it’s not going to help.

That’s why in Power Groups we work on creating interactive programs designed to actively engage audiences, providing human connection and value in this time of isolation.

In the Power Groups I’ve helped musicians clarify the ideal choice of works and order, the interactive possibilities, along with creating compelling titles and descriptions to captivate presenters, audiences, and the media.

But that’s not all. There’s one more essential that all too often over-looked. It’s knowing how to. . .

#3 Introduce yourself with impact

Let’s be clear: You might have an otherwise dynamite pitch and email exchange going with a Presenter. But unless your work sample is effective, none of the rest matters.

So, I help clients choose their best audio and video samples. With some clients, I’ve helped them select their ideal material to create a 2 minute promo video with several short clips of performances along with speaking directly to the camera to communicate their “WHY.”

In addition, we make sure that the short bio they include in the email has just the right incentives to get the reader to click “play.”

And the proof is in the pudding. When you work on your pitches and communication, the changes either generate more interest and more bookings, or not. My clients see results.

So if you’ve been spinning your wheels, worrying if there’s something more you could be doing. If you want to get your career into forward motion and gain traction, here’s your chance.

I’ve only got a few remaining spots open for the next round of Beyond Talent Power Groups starting in July. One of them could be yours.

Check all the Details HERE.

Have questions? Hit reply and let’s talk and see if it’s a fit!

Let’s get your future going now. You don’t have to go it alone.

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