Are these your goals?

You’d like to have more students—especially ones who are motivated and fully engaged.

You’d like to get invitations to present master classes, clinics, and workshops.

You’d love to be regarded as an excellent candidate for faculty positions at music schools.


Except that when it comes to promoting your teaching, you’d rather stick a fork in your eye.

Up until now, you’ve relied on referrals, but the trickle of interest you get isn’t filling your studio.

Instead of worrying about what’s wrong with you or your teaching, let’s keep things simple and start with the most essential piece of marketing material: your teaching bio.

When it comes to online teaching, ALL your marketing hinges on your bio — communicating clearly who you really are, and what you stand for as a music educator.

This is the only way you can stand out from the competition and create a genuine human connection.

In an over-crowded market, your teaching bio has never mattered as much as it does now.

Because whether or not they’ve been referred, prospective students, parents, and employers will of course look you up online.

Your teaching bio is 9 times out of 10 the first thing they will check out.

And if your teaching bio is like most musicians’, it’s a deadly boring list of degrees, schools, and performance credits — none of which address your readers’ burning questions.

That’s why I created the . . .

Musician Teaching Bio Workshop

This breakthrough video training is based on my years of running career and entrepreneurship programs at Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University, and New England Conservatory. I’ve helped hundreds of musicians update their promo materials so they could build their teaching studios and their careers.

The Musician’s Teaching Bio Workshop offers, for the first time, my in-depth writing and coaching approach in an affordable self-paced video course. I took all the typical obstacles and challenges that musicians usually face in writing promo material and designed a 3-part video course with step-by-step instructions.

You’ll learn how to write an effective teaching bio that . . .

Reflects who you truly are so you can feel proud of yourself AND your teaching.

Articulates what’s remarkable in your teaching so you can distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Gets to the heart of what your prospective students actually care about instead of simply listing your boring credentials.

Can be easily adapted for use on your site, your social profiles, job applications, and your institution’s faculty bio listings.

Goes beyond the usual clichés so you can create an effective “call to action” that attracts more inquiries and fills your studio with more of your ideal students.

I want to help you attract and retain more of your ideal students, and in the process help you grow your confidence, your income, and your career.

Here are some of the course highlights . . .

3 in-depth sequential training videos to help you build a breakthrough bio.

Self-paced assignments that break the writing tasks down into manageable pieces—so you can avoid any of the overwhelm and procrastination you’ve experienced in the past.

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions that demystify the writing process—even if English isn’t your first language. You’ll get the do’s and don’ts to build sentences and paragraphs that work.

The intel on what matters most to your intended readers so you’ll know exactly what to include and what to leave out.

Worksheets and examples you’ll find nowhere else, that illustrate how you can create a bio that reveals what’s truly distinctive about YOUR teaching.

Listen, I know it’s a crazy time.

Angela Beeching

Summer festivals aren’t happening. Fall performances are canceled and who knows when things will be back.

The time to build awareness and interest in your teaching is now.

Having an effective bio is the thing that can bring in immediate income while you ride out the storm. It’s also the thing that can set you up for possible masterclass, workshop, and residency opportunities.

The truth is the “gift” that the Coronavirus has given us all is the time and space to evaluate who we are as artists and educators. This course provides a framework to explore those big questions and then actually do something with the answers you discover.

Learn how to…

Avoid the usual cliché-filled boring lists and canned adjectives that most musicians use and instead write a dynamic and refreshingly human bio that gets people wanting to connect with you.

Get past the negative self-judgment and worry about having “impressive” credentials so you can write your truth and become the artist and educator you are meant to be.

Detail your past experience, values, and goals so you can convey the best of what you offer succinctly.

Analyze effective bios so you can apply winning concepts to your own non-formulaic bio.

Trouble-shoot and improve your writing with detailed and clear “before and after” examples.

“Angela’s thoughtful and direct feedback made me more sensitive to what the market is looking for, and taught me how to frame my words in a way that gave them more impact and depth. I landed my first full-time tenure-track appointment within a few months of working with her!”

Linda Pearse

trombonist, faculty, Mount Allison University, Canada

“Angela’s vast experience and keen critical eye enabled me to restructure and present my materials so that they would stand out from the crowd and achieve maximum impact. Working with Angela was both inspiring and incredibly productive, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Brian Coughlin


Isn’t it time you invested in creating the future you want? Let’s build your better bio.

Here’s what to expect in the course . . .

Module 1: The Gold Mine Method

Discover how to communicate your motivation and core purpose as a music educator. You’ll learn how to unearth an expansive list of past credits and experience you can consider using in your new bio. This abundance of new material will make it impossible for you to say “I’ve got nothing to write about.”

Module 2: The Sentence Builder Framework

Using that raw material, find out how to write modular “building block” sentences to cover 14 possible topic areas in your bio. This will demystify writing itself. You’ll see how to be direct and clear, how to manage lists, what readers want, and what clutter to leave out. That way, you can focus on what matters most.

Module 3: Powerful Paragraph Protocol

By analyzing multiple teaching bios, you’ll learn how to shape sentences into compelling paragraphs. You’ll see exactly how to balance statements with examples, and how to create a compelling progression of ideas. That way, you’ll be able to avoid the common bio writing pitfalls and attract more of your ideal students.

You’ll get all this plus editing tips and step-by-step assignments. So no more representing yourself with a knockoff of some random bio you Googled on the internet.

The Musician Teaching Bio Workshop is designed to help you grow your private teaching studio and with it, your confidence, your income, and your career.

“Many thanks – I’ve come to understand that your work helping musicians better communicate and present themselves is also the work of getting to know who we really are and what we really want — essentially work towards self-knowledge, self-acceptance and authentic self-expression — this, for me, has been invaluable.”

John Kamfonas

Paris-based pianist

“Angela Beeching is a true treasure to musicians who find themselves needing to promote and market themselves . . . and, isn’t that all of us? Angela is incredibly knowledgeable and talented in what she does… but more than that, it is her kind, generous, and animated spirit that truly inspires and motivates you to produce results. I highly recommend her to all musicians striving to achieve their dreams!”

Tereasa Payne

NYC-based flutist and multi-instrumentalist

Common sense heads up

Just because you have an awesome bio doesn’t mean people are going to be beating down your door. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. And with a bio like the one this course is designed to give you, you’ll have a great tool to help you feel confident about doing just that.

I’m excited to offer this new online video course where you can work at your own pace and replay as you write and refine your teaching bio.

I’m proud of this program, and look forward to having you use it to overhaul your bio—and your confidence—so you can attract more of your ideal students and opportunities.

The Musician Teaching Bio Workshop

This signature video course, with 3 in-depth trainings, plus worksheets, and examples is now available for just $147.


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