What do you think: what makes a website message, the value offered, clear and compelling? The marketing case study I’m bringing to you is my own.

I know, “physician, heal thyself!” But when it’s your own promotional materials, it can be difficult to decide what’s the best way to convey your message. And frankly, I’ve been working on this long enough to have lost all perspective. So I’m doing what I should have done much earlier and turning to you, dear reader!

Here’s the issue: on my landing page I’ve been using this message:

Is your career stalled?
I help professional musicians get unstuck.
Start now with my 7 step roadmap.

And although I think this does communicate what I do, a friend pointed out (thank you, Silke!) that with this I’ve mixed 3 metaphors: automotive, plumbing, and cartographic. Ouch!

So I’m playing with alternatives—and your astute input is much appreciated!

I’d love to know which of any of these speaks to you most, or is the most energizing. Which message would most likely prompt you to click through or scroll further?

And if you have alternatives to suggest, fantastic: please send!

Note: I have been using ‘professional’ because I don’t usually work with students. Thoughts?

1. Are you living up to your potential?
I help professional musicians chart their own paths to success.
Start now with my 7 actions kit.

2. Is your career on track?
I help musicians go beyond their expectations.
Start now with my 7 action steps.

3. Want a more rewarding version of your career?
I help professional musicians discover their full potential.
Get it going with my 7 actions kit.

4. What’s holding you back?
I help musicians level up their careers.
Get going with my 7 step starter kit.

5. What’s the impact you want to make?
I help professional musicians create success on their own terms.
Get going with my 7 step starter kit.

As a thank you to people who write back with feedback and/or suggestions before Aug. 21, 2017, I’m happy to offer a complimentary coaching session via phone or Skype (to be scheduled in the coming weeks)!

Please send your feedback to me at Angela@BeyondTalentConsulting.com


PS: And if you have your own marketing message dilemma you’d like us to tackle in future weeks, please send it along! It’s great to crowd source for feedback.

PPS: For ideas you can use here’s Clay Hebert’s terrific short video on How to Make the Perfect Intro (in person, online, or in print)—in six words.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dream Big, Plan Smart, Live Well!

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