Spoiler alert: this summer will be over before we know it (oouuff!): are you ready to make the most of it? Let’s find out: take the Musician’s Better Life Quiz.

If you’re anything like me, you start the summer with grand plans for projects you want to complete, for books you want to read, and day trips you want to take.

And then, somehow the weeks and months flash by and it’s the end of August. You’ve been busy, but you end up feeling cheated out of the opportunity to get renewed and re-energized. To tell you the truth, I’d grown resigned to this pattern—I thought “that’s just the way summers go.” Not true.

So let’s make sure we can all make the most of the summer—and of life.

While I can’t magically arrange for more days in the week or more vacation time, I have found a tool for building in more pockets of time for inspiration: for joy, wonder, silliness, and delight.

The thing is, though, in order for this tool to work, you need to be fully present and participating in your life.

If you’re spending all your free time on social feeds or binge watching your favorite shows, this won’t work. Same if you’re frantically taking care of errands and the endless to-do list.

If you want more juice out of the orange, you need to fully participate in life. To get started . . .

Take the Musician’s Better Life Quiz

Think back over the past week and answer the following questions (extra points if you write your answers down in a gratitude journal).

As you answer each question, notice how your body feels—notice how being grateful can lower your stress and help you get centered.

  1. What did you see last week that surprised or delighted you?
  2. What did you read that fascinated you?
  3. What did you listen to that inspired you?
  4. In conversations, who got you feeling energized last week?
  5. What experience(s) out of doors, in nature, helped you to feel more whole?
  6. What experience(s) challenged you creatively?
  7. What or who got you laughing hard enough to bring tears to your eyes?
  8. When did you notice that you were completely relaxed—physically and mentally?
  9. What experience(s) made you feel happy to be alive?

Now that you have these memories clarified, let’s look at how we can bring more of these moments of inspiration to your daily life.

Think back over HOW these moments happened

Consider what you did to make these experiences possible. Maybe you invited someone out for coffee. Or took the scenic route home, called a friend, went for a walk, or took an extra minute to notice the beauty around you.

If you want more wonder in life, you need to prioritize being more present and allowing yourself to feel grateful, whether you’re on vacation or not. It’s about claiming the time we have and being fully present to the goodness of life.

Now that you answered the 9 questions above, and have the results of the musician’s better life quiz, there’s a final question . . .

10. What are you going to do about it?

It’s your life: you get to choose how you experience it.

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”
― Joseph Campbell

If you were to be present and grateful for more of the small miracles in your daily life, just think how that might change everything. It’s not just about this summer. Think how this might transform how you experience your relationships and your music.

Here’s to making the most of it all: Happy summer!

I’d LOVE to get your comments and any suggestions you’d like to share about the Musician’s Better Life Quiz.

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Have a great week,

Dream Big, Plan Smart. Live Well!

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