Is this your story?

You’ve dreamt of getting a full-time college teaching job. And you’ve worked hard, studied at terrific schools, and have teaching experience under your belt. You’ve paid your dues. That’s all good.

But when it comes to applying for jobs . . . it’s just not adding up.

You wonder what search committees actually want. What you need to do or be. It’s confusing and frustrating. And you can’t help but think, “Maybe I don’t have what it takes . . . ”

You’re not naive about the job market. You’re open-minded and consider every opportunity. But you’re getting nowhere fast, and are even starting to wonder what you should be doing with your life.

What if I told you it doesn’t
have to be like this?

The Musician’s CV Master Course

Transform your message and your mindset to
land a teaching gig you’re proud of.

The job market has changed.

New times call for new strategies.

Starting with your CV.

Because for most musicians, that’s where the problem starts.

Here’s the thing: Most musicians approach writing their CV as though it’s a “fill in the blank” template. A formula.

They don’t get that in today’s world, a CV is actually a marketing tool. It’s the story we tell ourselves, and others, about who we really are and the value of the work we do. And it should help distinguish you from the 200 other applicants.

To be effective, your CV story needs to highlight how well you can serve each specific employer’s needs. 

Overhauling your CV takes some digging and soul searching—but it’s worth it.

It’s worth it because powering up your CV is the first step to taking charge of your career.

Intimidating? Yep. Impossible? NO.

The good news is there’s help…

I’m Angela Beeching and I’m a music career coach and author of Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music. I’m on a mission to help musicians like you transform their message and their mindset so they can expand their opportunities.

And I can teach you what most college job seekers never find out: how search committees view CVs and how to upgrade the effectiveness of your own. For the college job market and beyond.

By learning the techniques proven to work in today’s marketplace, you can create a CV that you’re proud of . . . because it tells the true story of who you are and what you stand for as an artist and educator. And because it speaks straight to the heart of the employers’ needs. With your clarified message you’ll set yourself up for more confident teaching, engaged networking, first-rate interviewing, and inspired music-making.

Learn how to…


Upgrade and edit your CV for maximum impact.


Activate a mindset of abundance and opportunity.


Tailor your CV for each application.


Discover even more career options than you thought you had before.


Boost your chances of getting the interview.


Use your CV as a stepping stone to your desired future.

Attaining her “dream job”

“The introspective work required in the CV Master Course boosted my self-confidence. I saw myself in a different light, different enough that I applied for an unattainable ‘dream’ position — and I landed it. The position includes everything I love (helping teachers, advocating for the arts, forwarding artists, protecting student creativity) and I am grateful. Thank you, Angela. Thank you.”

Kimberly Stephenson

Director of Education, Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

From cluttered and unclear to superior in every capacity

“Prior to the CV Master Course, my CV was cluttered and unclear. Angela’s perspective about what makes your teaching unique, coupled with considering the employer’s needs was a game changer for me!  By the end of the course, I had a CV that was, by far, superior in every capacity.”

Jim Saltzman

composer/saxophonist, faculty, Manhattan School of Music

This isn’t simply a template and a cookie cutter set of instructions: this 4 module, 10 lesson video course is for musicians who want more. Who are willing to dig deep to clarify and communicate who they really are at their very best.

You might be thinking . . . 10 video lessons on my CV? WHAT?!

Yes. That’s what it takes to do it right.

Let’s be real. What you’ve been doing so far isn’t working. Right?

The scramble the night before a deadline doesn’t work. And paying a résumé writer to do it for you fails because either they don’t “get” music or they don’t “get” you.

The only way to end up with a CV that truly showcases you at your best is to engage in a process. One that helps you reflect on and refine your message to clearly address the employer’s needs.

I’ve helped hundreds of musicians improve their CVs and successfully navigate the job market and beyond. And I’m excited to offer this course to help musicians fulfill their potential and maximize their impact.

COMMON SENSE HEADS UP: Now, of course, I cannot promise that a new CV will land you interviews or jobs. No one can. But what I CAN promise is this:


If you do all the work and actively engage in the course,
you will gain . . .


A CV you can be proud of, that shows you at your best as a musician and educator.


The ability to objectively view your qualifications from the employer’s perspective.


The skills to edit and tailor your CV for future opportunities.


Clarity of your goals and values.


Ideas for how to research and pursue new opportunities.

You’ll get all this plus the increased confidence that comes with clarifying what you have to offer. This will help you in networking, interviewing, and booking guest master classes.

So that employers pay attention and appreciate what I am capable of

“The CV Master Course opened up my eyes to reality and what is important. Thank you, Angela, for teaching me how to be efficient, clear, and organize my experience, education, and knowledge — so that future employers pay attention and appreciate what I am capable of.”

Tania Papayannopoulou

choral conductor, doctoral candidate, Columbia University

Transform your CV. . . your finished product will truly be a masterpiece!

“Given the fierce competition for music careers in higher education, you cannot leave anything to chance. Angela’s CV Master Course provides crucial advice and guidance that will POSITIVELY transform your CV format and perception of your credentials and merits. Your finished product will truly be a masterpiece!”

Tim Feerst

percussion faculty, University of Utah

What to expect…

Module 1: Insider's Edge

Learn how search committees evaluate applications and get the tools needed to overcome the “student mindset”. So you can overhaul your approach and make it to the short list.

Module 2: Design Makeover

Create a dynamic professional letterhead to brand your materials; learn how to structure your CV to connect with the employer’s priorities; and devise custom categories to show up as a top match for the job.

Module 3: Magic Bullet System

Articulate what’s truly distinctive about your teaching: communicate HOW you teach and how effective your teaching is so that employers can actually picture you in the job.

Module 4: Final Tune-up

Fine-tune your CV. Clarify what to include, what to leave out—and why. Learn how to tailor your CV for any opportunity. And get the expert feedback you need to be sure that your CV represents you at your very best.

Note: I will not write your CV for you—that’s your job. This course WILL teach you how to do this yourself. My goal is to help you become confident and self-sufficient!

“Angela’s thoughtful and direct feedback made me more sensitive to what the market is looking for, and taught me how to frame my words in a way that gave them more impact and depth. I landed my first full-time tenure-track appointment within a few months of working with her!”

Linda Pearse

trombonist, faculty, Mount Allison University, Canada

The CV Master Course is the right fit for you, if . . .


You can commit to working roughly an hour per day on your CV.

You are open to new approaches to presenting your skills and experience.

You want to upgrade your CV and your career confidence for maximum impact.

And either . . .

You've got a completed doctorate and institutional teaching experience

You're a current doctoral student with teaching experience

You've got a master's degree and some college teaching experience

What It’s Like to Work with Angela

“There is simply no way I would have been able to achieve my goal in such a short amount of time without Angela’s intense and constant guidance, feedback and support. I came to her with an idea and she totally believed in me from day one and was always there to advise, edit resumes and letters countless times, coach me on interviews and help me to feel confident. Thank you Angela!”

Jake Hertzog

guitarist, faculty, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

“Angela’s dynamic presentation was the highlight of our pre-conference seminar . . . Everyone left the session with thought-provoking ideas and a renewed energy!”

Lesley McAllister

pianist, Associate Professor, Baylor University

“Simply excellent. Angela has been an integral part of a multitude of projects ranging from grant writing to job searching, resume and interview prep. I look forward to more opportunities to work with her.”

Rick McLaughlin

bassist, faculty, Berklee College of Music, Boston

CV Master Course

4 modules with 10 video lessons