Help for musicians who hate to self-promote

It shows up in many forms for musicians — the I HATE TO SELF-PROMOTE syndrome. I had 4 conversations this past week with musicians who were struggling with versions of this issue and wanted help. It's a real problem, because it's a symptom of a mindset that creates...

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How to handle rejection in an unfair music profession

Rejection—it's an inevitable part of life as a professional musician. Whether it's a "thanks, but no thanks" response you get, or radio silence when your email pitches go unacknowledged, rejection is simply part of the package of being a pro. But how to handle...

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Your super power: your Shadow

Let's get real about what actually goes on when we're put to the test. Whether it's in performance, an audition, or an interview—any time we fear being judged as 'less than'—what's happening? Of course, when we're stressed we have adrenaline and cortisol pumping, and...

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