Are you fully invested in your music career: Are you “all in”?

Here’s an uncomfortable question — one worth answering — Are you fully invested in your music career: Are you “all in”?

Tough question, right? I’ve been asking myself a version of this lately, too.

Why? Because I’ve learned the hard way that it’s all too easy to count the hours we’re putting in, or the tasks we complete. And pretend that we’re truly working on what matters most. That we’re working strategically to advance our careers.

Unfortunately, feeling busy and getting stuff done isn’t the same thing as doing the scary, most important things. Like tackling the scary emails we’ve been avoiding or that ambitious project that seems cemented to the back burner.

There are just too many ways to “hide” from the career work that MOST needs to be done.

You can tell yourself that you’ll start that you’ll do it later. That you’ll start that scary project next week, next month, next year. You can tell yourself, “It’s not the best time,” or  “I’m just not ready.” When the truth is there’s never going to be a right time and you’re never going to feel ready.

Doing the hard work is going to be scary. Period. That’s the deal.

To counteract the avoidance and procrastination, the overwhelm and the fear, here’s what I’ve found helps me and my clients:

1) having Tools to deal with Resistance, along with
2) accountability partners, and
3) expert feedback. And
4) scheduling specific time blocks for doing the prioritized scary work. Making it a daily commitment.

That’s what it takes to get into forward motion and gain career traction.

Where does it start? With daring yourself to have an actual vision of that future you want to create and the impact you want to make through your music.

Power Group Invitation

What about you? Are you . . .

Serious about gaining traction in your career so you can reach your goals.

Tired of spinning your wheels—of not having a plan and not taking action.

Ready to invest in yourself and do the work needed to fulfill your promise.

And are you a . . .

Committed, hard-working musician willing to do the work to take your career to the next level.

Professional looking to upgrade your self-management skills — so you can get more of your best work out into the world.

Maybe you’d like . . .

Expert advice and editing feedback on your promotional materials?

How about a personalized roadmap and a support structure to help you get on track with your career — to finally become the artist and the person you are meant to be?

If so, then my Beyond Talent Power Group program may be just the thing.

What’s a Power Group?

It’s you joining me and three fellow musicians in a dynamic forward-leaning six-month small group coaching program.

We will meet online on Zoom every other week for group coaching sessions twelve times over the course of six months. During each session, you will have 30 minutes of laser-focused coaching with me where we’ll work through the next action items on your plate and trouble shoot whatever might be a sticking point.

The added advantage you’ll gain is that you’ll be doing this in the context of a small group. So you’ll get to listen, watch, and learn as your group mates also problem solve and advance their careers. The group energy and support is what compounds the learning and energizes the progress of Power Group members.

The Essentials: Beyond Talent Power Group (small group coaching)

  • 12 small group coaching sessions over the course of our empowered six months together.
  • Monthly copy-editing feedback on your promo materials and projects in our private online group ‘office hours.’
  • Simple email support from me between sessions. Got a quick question? I’ve got you covered.
  • Unparalleled support from me and your fellow Beyond Talent Power Group mates.
  • A personalized roadmap and strategies designed to boost your career and your artistry.

Who’s it for?

  • Professional musicians ready to invest in their careers and in themselves
  • People who are used to self-managing their careers and are looking for ways to improve their approach and results.
  • Musicians who are ready to do the necessary work to change their habits and mindset
  • People prepared to devote consistent focused time (at least 10 hours per week) to do the necessary work to move ahead.

Who’s it NOT for?

  • Students and recent grads. If you’re still (or recently) in school, this program is not for you. It’s for active experienced professionals.
  • It’s also not for musicians who are unclear about the project they want to focus on.
  • And it’s not for musicians looking for someone to magically propel their careers forward. Just to be clear: I’m a coach. Not a booking agent, manager, or publicist. My mission is to help you become better at managing your own career.

What to expect from me

I teach clients how to level up their promo materials, their networking, the productivity, and their mindset so they can get more of their best work out into the world.

Specifically, I offer clients a system and a set of tools that takes the guesswork out of advancing their careers . . .

Angela Beeching Professional Musicians's Roadmap

and together we custom-tailor a roadmap to reach their specific goals.

What’s needed from you: to be fully invested, to be “all in”

The Beyond Talent Power Group requires a commitment from you. Expect to spend a minimum of 10 hours each week on your specific career work.

The investment for the Power Group program is $300 per month with a 6 month commitment.

Members take advantage of the pay in full option savings or pay by the month.

There are just a couple of openings left in the next Beyond Talent Power Group starting October 1, 2019.

Ready to say “YES”? Let’s schedule a time to talk to see if you’re a fit for the program HERE.

Looking forward,

Dream Big, Plan Smart, Live Well

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