Open up if you’re serious about landing a college teaching job in music

I’m excited to invite you to this special webinar I’ve been putting together . . .(drum roll please!) . . . we’re going to demystify . . .The 3 Biggest Obstacles Between You and Your Next College Teaching Job

Are you . . .

Tired of applying for teaching jobs and getting nowhere?
Unsure what’s wrong with your CV—or with you?
Confused about how best to show your qualifications?
Does even looking at your CV activate your self-esteem gremlins?

Your CV is the cornerstone of your job search—everything rests on it. Your cover letter sets the stage for your CV , and if the search committee likes what they read, the interview brings your CV to life.

So if your CV doesn’t highlight what distinguishes you from the 200 other applicants, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.


To get you past those CV obstacles, join me, Angela Myles Beeching, author of Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music, in this free live webinar with Q&A.

I will help you level-up your CV and your job search confidence. And take those self-inflicted wounds out of the process.

In the webinar you’ll learn:

What search committees are really looking for
How to create a CV that truly represents you at your best
What to detail in your experience and what to leave out
How to distinguish yourself from the 200 other qualified applicants


I’m on a mission to help talented musicians, like you, upgrade their messaging and their mindset so they can book more work, win more jobs, and make more impact. I’ve helped hundreds of musicians land rewarding positions both within academia and beyond. And I look forward to connecting with you in this special webinar offering.

Register in advance (it’s FREE)

Only three dates available:

Wed., July 17, 7:00 pm ET / 4 pm PT
Fri., July 19, 12 noon ET / 9 am PT
Mon., July 22, 7:00 pm ET / 4 pm PT


Join me and let’s break through those 3 biggest obstacles and level-up your CV so you can get that position you want.

Looking forward,

Dream Big, Plan Smart, Live Well

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