Memorial Day Gratitude & Goals

What are you grateful for this Memorial Day? Is there a former teacher, mentor, or coach you want to thank or re-connect with? Is there someone no longer with us you want to take a moment to honor? One way you can honor the people who've helped you get to where you...

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Negotiating Fees: the money episode

It's the final installment of our mini series on booking more concerts. Here it's all about negotiating fees: we're talking money. If you missed any of the earlier installments they are here: pt. 1 on programming (the "what"), pt. 2 on location (the "where"), and pt....

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Perfect Pitches for Booking Concerts

Are there perfect pitches when it comes to booking your own concerts? Maybe not, but we can get close! Over the past few weeks we've been focusing on how to book more concerts. If you missed any of these, last week we focused on WHERE you might get more bookings, and...

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