Wait, why do I make music?

In working with musicians on their promotional materials—especially their bios—I've found there's an essential question that they need to ask themselves: Why do you I make music? What's key is being able to answer this seemingly simple without resorting to generic or...

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Let’s talk POWER: yours, mine, ours

In a series of fascinating conversations last week with colleagues, clients, and friends — the subject that kept coming up was POWER. And the fact that we can view any human interaction though the lens of power differentials: who has more and who has less of it. So...

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12 Ways to Fine-Tune Your CV

Several readers asked about CV layout in recent weeks so here is a version of my "picky details" worksheet. The idea is to make your CV as reader friendly as possible. So I have for you my 12 ways to fine-tune your CV: expert formatting and layout tips to put to...

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