Raising money for a dream project?

Let me guess, you have a project. A dream project that you would love to go forward with and it involves raising money. Maybe it’s a festival you want to launch. An after school program you'd love to create. An album you want to record. An instrument you want to buy....

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Are you worthy? Courage for musicians

Are you worthy? I'm asking because too often the driving energy behind creative work is the desire to prove ourselves—to prove our worth. If we scratch below the surface, there may be the belief that we are unworthy. That we are not deserving, that we are not good...

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Map Your Network

In working with musicians on expanding their freelance performance and teaching opportunities, the topic of networking inevitably comes up. And the typical response I hear is: I don't know anybody who can refer work to me. But of course that's never the case. We all...

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Want more concerts? Start by re-connecting!

A pianist—let's call him Otto—wrote to me a while back asking for some career advice and we had a conversation by phone. He'd been booking his own recital performances and it was going OK. But Otto wanted to know how to get more concerts at more prestigious series. I...

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