Being the Hero of Your Journey

What does the hero’s journey have to do with your music career success? The Hero's Journey is the narrative structure that animates myths, literature, movies, religions, and psychological development. Identified by scholar Joseph Campbell, the Hero's Journey is the...

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How to recruit more students

It's the start of the new year—is your teaching studio full?  Have you recruited the kind of motivated and focused students you love to teach? Find out how to recruit more students: For inspiration, here's a story from Mike Johnston (of, on how he...

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What’s the real issue?

Consider your general state of mind in relation to your career. Rate your optimism level when it comes to working on your career. Where would you say you are on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being demoralized and 10 being ecstatically motivated? I'm asking because I've...

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